Fella Makafui finally addresses abortion rumors »

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The outcome of the relationship between actress Fella Makafui and her rapper boyfriend Medikal is still been discussed by some social media users as they try to figure out if indeed their relationship has hit the rocks.

Not long ago when rumors of their breakup hit social media, people started bringing out reasons that could be the possible cause for their breakup.

Some people claimed Fella Makafui had caught MDK cheating on her several times and has now gotten to the stage that she can no longer take it in and has to leave the relationship.

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People on the other hand also claimed that the breakup was based on the fact that Fella Makafui got to know that MDK was secretly banging her sister. To which Fella has responded saying their breakup has nothing to do with her sister or family.

An anonymous person who claimed to be very close to the rapper and actress revealed that Fella Makafui has aborted pregnancy for times in just their eleven months of dating.

Yesterday, Fella decided to have a Q and A session with her fans and one of the questions that came up was the abortion part.

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The fan with the username @MubaaStannar asked Fella Makafui how many abortions she has done for Medikal and Fella respond “Are u for real”

Checkout screenshot below: