Kenya: After Funeral Twerk, Has ‘Wamlambez’ Joke Gone Too Far?

Sailors, the group behind the hit song Wamlambez on Monday shared a short video showing what could arguably be descried as the most unusual burial.

To many, a funeral is marked by a somber mood, but not this one.

The odd footage shows crowds of young people gathered around a grave as the song blares out of speakers in the background.

The mourners can be seen singing along and some gyrating as a young boy tries to mimic what is happening.

The video has now been viewed more than 19,000 times on the group’s Twitter handle.

“Celebration of life in remembrance of the deceased,” the group captioned the tweet.

Celebration of life in remembrance of the deceased.

— @Sailors254 (@sailors254) August 12, 2019

It is not clear where the footage was filmed or who the funeral was for – and what the deceased’s last wishes were.

The two words that are used as part of the song’s lyrics Wamlambez and Wamnyonyez might seem like just any other, but they have a sexual meaning.The phrase refers to oral sex.

After the group shared the clip, there we mixed reactions of whether it was appropriate or not.

Those against:

This is so wrong.. Very wrong

— Peter Drury Voice (@kaisarikevin2) August 12, 2019

Man, couldn’t they have some sympathy 😢 someone is dead..

— Muniu (@NdunguMuniu) August 12, 2019

At my funeral when people start twerking naamka. Hamwezi jibamba nikiwa dozz bana! 🙄😂

— Steve Jorue (@JorueSteve) August 12, 2019

But it is disrespectful to the older generation

— Bennyto Mbugua Wambui (@bennytothedj) August 12, 2019

Those for:

Sioni shida hapa,

Kila mtu atazikwa kivyake,

Yake imekuwa unique and you can’t tell juu maybe it was her wish…

Amezikwa kidesign na kama unawashwaa sanaa…

Kaa na… .

— Jay (@Jerry_Jack10) August 12, 2019

@ndutacarolyne checking out in style… ..nataka niwe celebrated for a life well lived

— Daniel Kihiu (@Kehiod) August 12, 2019

To be honest I was in this burial we celebrated the life of a comrade and its a culture I learnt and new things I learnt kama hauko poa nayo its ok but we laid the friend well👌🏾

— Richie Gaita (@GaitaRichie) August 12, 2019

Celebrating life lost. No problem. I would love my family and friends to dance on my grave till the soil goes down. It would be an honor to be burried that way.

— Keg Ambassador 🍻🇰🇪🇰🇪 (@KegAmbassadorKE) August 12, 2019



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