MMT bus driver’s brakes fail whilst descending Aburi Mountain


General News of Sunday, 15 December 2019



The driver missed the Ayi Mensah tollbooth and one other car by a few inchesplay videoThe driver missed the Ayi Mensah tollbooth and one other car by a few inches

Scores of people suffered various injuries at the Ayi Mensah toll booth area in Greater Accra on Saturday afternoon, when the brakes of a Metro Mass Transit (MMT) bus traveling from Aburi towards Accra failed and rammed into several vehicles. The accident happened around 3 pm.

The MMT bus as of the time of the accident had 30 passengers on board who were returning to Accra after attending a funeral at Aburi in the Eastern Region. The driver of the bus, Isaac Ampiah who escaped unhurt, told Graphic Online that, upon reaching a section of the mountains while descending, the brakes of the bus failed.

And to avoid falling into a ditch, and running into hawkers and other people beside the road, he controlled the steering wheel until he rammed into about three cars ahead of him to reduce the speed before colliding with six others at the toll booth area.

One of the tollbooth attendants told Graphic Online that he was collecting the tolls, and all that he saw was the bus quickly passing and crushing into the cars.

A cloth seller said on seeing the bus run into the vehicles, some of the hawkers in the area took to their heels. The injured were taken to the hospital. The damaged vehicles were later towed to the Adentan police station.


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