2SCALE introduces dry card for reducing moisture in crop produce

By Fatima Anafu Astanga, GNA 

Bolgatanga, Dec. 14, GNA – A Dry Card
technology, which is to solve post-harvest losses and management of grains has
been introduced to input dealers, farmers and small scale agribusiness
enterprises in Bolgatanga.

The promotion of the dry card technology is
Towards Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning and
Entrepreneurship (2SCALE) an organisation focused on establishing agribusiness
clusters with essence to ensure food security, good nutrition and

Mr Jalil  Zakaria, 
country  Team Leader of  2 SCALE 
said his outfit  tailored its
intervention in the food value chains emphasising on animal protein, poultry,
small ruminants, honey and staple crops such as rice, maize, sorghum, cassava,
orange flesh sweet potato, oil seed driven by business cases.

He noted that most farmers have challenges
with determining moisture meter before harvest and storage and above all cost
of tools for checking moisture content in grains was not available for  farmers and where available, were  expensive for any one farmer to afford.

According to him, 2SCALE had worked well in
four Francophone and four Anglophone countries and added that the first phase
of implementation of 2SCALE was between 2012 and 2018 and the new phase of 5
years is between 2019 to 2023.

is expected to incubate and accelerate agri business clusters  around business champions in the food value
chains for  three dimension
elements,  which entail small
enterprises, producer organisations  to
become professionals and self-sustaining in the development of products and
access to markets.

Mr. Zakari said  2 SCLALE 
had plans to  Improve
livelihoods  of 750 ,000  small holders of which 50 per cent would  be women and 
engage  40 per cent youth. 

According to him, the organisation would
link 5,000 micro small and mediums enterprises develop 60 private and public
partnership in all 2SCALE companies in Ghana with overall objective of ncluding
businesses by improving access to good nutrition, improving livelihoods.

Mr Bukari said 2 SCALE  impacted well with implementation  of the dry card In eight countries and four
francophone countries especially in Mali Niger, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast  and four 
Anglophone namely; Nigeria ,Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya and indicated that
the  successful experiences in those
countries could be replicated in Ghana.

Mr. Clifford Yeboah- Manson   said promoters of the dry Card technology
who provided information on ways the Dry card works indicated that the card
contained a cobalt strip and when placed in grains at airtight level, dries up
produce within 60 minutes.

Mr Manson added that only Agro input dealers
would be provided the Dry Card for distribution and sales to interested farmers
and agriculture business enterprises.

2SCALE is funded by the Dutch Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and the interventions 
are carried out by a consortium of organisations including the Bop
Innovation Centre (Bo Pinc), The 
International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC), SNV, a Dutch
Organisation and the Department of Inclusive Green Growth of the Directorate
General of International Cooperation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs