Uber driver’s ‘rejection’ of card trips disturbing – Ghanaians bemoan


General News of Friday, 13 December 2019

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


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The name Uber in Ghana has gradually become synonymous to a host of negative imaginations: inconveniences, frustrations and petty fights due to the constant rejection passengers receive from drivers whenever they request a cashless trip.

The issue which has been swelling on social media since the beginning of the year has propelled many Ghanaians to question Uber’s take on the situation.

Some posts sighted by Ghanaweb on various social media platforms read:

“What at all is wrong with Uber drivers…they keep rejecting my cashless request…this is pure illiteracy and Uber Ghana too is not doing anything about it…..If you think this is a challenge for You and your drivers pls take off the cashless service from your platform or return to wherever you came from….. period…I rest my case,” De Survival fumed on Facebook.

Another, with the User name, @Mzlnterkudzi also tweeted that “you guys really need to do something about your drivers not accepting card trips. It’s been over 30mins and I’m still waiting for a driver because… card trip.”

@ara_omb wrote, “when I use a card to pay for my trip you charge me twice the estimated amount.If I cancel the trip the money is still deducted from my account. The temporary hold of said amount you CLAIM would return back to my account and disappear from my bank statement doesn’t.”

@Proud Ghanaian also indicated that “a few mins after our trip our driver decided he would no longer make the trip because we were paying with a card, the entire time shouting expletives at us. If card payment is not an option you should let us know!”.

@Amegaxi also furthered that “every week my girlfriend (sic) gets stressed and harassed by Uber Drivers over card trips. One time I was with her and in the middle of the trip, the driver decided he wanted cash. We told him we couldn’t do cash so he ended the trip halfway into the journey.” He bemoaned.

@RagamuffinNana wrote; “Hw333 more than a few drivers with

@uber_ghana violated me big time. One of them asked me to get out of the car when he realised it was a card payment saying he wouldn’t have accepted the trip if he knew. I had to walk up to the taxi rank up by Haatso.”

Reacting to the complaints, Secretary of Uber Ghana, Mr. Gabriel Boateng appealed to Uber customers to remain calm.

He encouraged customers to take a screenshot of the rejection message, attach the driver’s details (name and car number) and forward it to help.uber.com


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