Acacia Build launches second flagship project; Diamond in the City Apartments


Business News of Thursday, 12 December 2019



The Diamond in City project is located within a short reach of the airport, Flagstaff House areaThe Diamond in City project is located within a short reach of the airport, Flagstaff House area

Acacia Build Ltd, the Accra based high-market and top-level luxury properties developer has launched its second flagship project; the Diamond in City Apartments in the heart of Ghana.

The Diamond in City project is a new standard of real estate development and construction in Ghana, offering to its inhabitants a lifestyle that exudes elegance and immense quality and is located within a short reach of the airport, Flagstaff House in Accra-Cantoments.

Erdine Asar, Managing Director Acacia Build Limited said, “This project is another step and indication of our commitment to Ghana as a country and our promise to our client to pursue endless perfection, comfort and experience in every room they live in. In line with our aim to push boundaries, the architecture steers clear of routine apartment typology, and offers elements that are original. As part of our effort to maximize energy conservation, we have also installed solar systems and implemented central coolers to promote energy saving. In addition to the modern facilities embedded in the space to maximize comfort, we have implemented extensive green spaces that provide a calm, idyllic setting.

“It is important for us to give our buyers not just a new home, but a neighborhood in which they feel a deep sense of belonging. We have thus taken this into account when creating this development, allowing a mix of private as well as shared spaces that foster community. Whether you’re looking for a new home or a long-term investment, we have the answer. We have meticulously ensured that the development blends harmoniously into the tropical landscape,” Asar explained.

Furthermore, there is easy access to a pharmacy within the complex that also offers delivery services to residents with personal parking spaces for their vehicles.

About Diamond in City Apartments

Our group is known for our family-friendly developments and The Diamond in City is no different. In this project, we have developed a large outdoor playground for kids that includes a canopy walk, monkey bars, still rings and a water slide within a children’s swimming pool so that kids can thrive in this community. We understand that when our children are happy, so are we.

It is for this reason that we have made every effort to create a welcoming environment in order to create an oasis in which families can flourish. Although based in the safe, affluent and prestigious neighborhood of Cantonments, no chances have been taken with security. The development is fitted with a state-of-the-art automated security system that can detect fires, thefts and floods, ensuring that your safety is never compromised.

At the Diamond in City, we are seeking to provide an experience that no developer has yet done in Ghana. We are providing future residents with not just apartments, but also a lifestyle that is relaxing and effortless. Located in the heart of Accra, The Diamond in City allows its residents to avoid excess traffic and the stress that comes with it.

We’ve paid tribute to the green landscapes of Ghana by building our own green haven within the development that adds a bucolic element to this modern luxury development. At the Diamond in City, a shopping center is just an elevator away!

The ground floor of the development is filled with retail shops, supermarket, cafe, restaurant, pharmacy and even a hair salon and spa. So, whether you need to do your weekly shopping or get a new hairdo for an impromptu party, you have the means to do so conveniently.

Staying fit and healthy has never been as effortless. The Diamond in City provides residents with elaborate indoor and outdoor fitness centers, a rooftop tennis court, a rooftop basketball court, a glass swimming pool, and a standard outdoor swimming pool with aqua sports and water polo capacities, allowing for a healthy balance of work and leisure activities.

Furthermore, there is easy access to a pharmacy within the complex that also offers delivery services to residents. The Diamond in City residents receive personal parking spaces for their vehicles.

About Acacia Build Ltd

Our international Group of Companies was established in 2010, engaging in real estate development, which includes architectural development, construction consultancy, structural engineering and property management. In the same year, we entered the Ghanaian market and incorporated Acacia Build Limited.

Our modus operandi is simple; achieve architectural excellence by venturing where no developer has thus far. We commenced with The Pearl in City, a lifestyle boutique development, and went on to complete a smart homes development.


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