Establish woodlots in SHS for food preparation


Business News of Wednesday, 11 December 2019



Woodlots could be used as firewood and charcoal to serve as fuel for the preparation of foodWoodlots could be used as firewood and charcoal to serve as fuel for the preparation of food

Mr Isaac Adonteng, the Eastern Regional Manager of the Forestry Commission has called on Senior High Schools (SHS) to establish woodlots in their schools.

He said the woodlots could be used as firewood and charcoal to serve as fuel in the preparation of food for students.

Mr Adonteng was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

He said the Forestry Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy has supported 21 SHSs to establish a total of 84 hectares of woodlots in their schools.

The schools include Yilo Krobo SHS, Manya Krobo SHS, Wenchi SHS, Nifa SHS, Ghana Senior High, Benkum SHS among others all in the Eastern Region.

He said these schools use woodlots for firewood and charcoal in their kitchens.

Mr Adonteng said, the youth in afforestation project has planted about 4,250 acres of a cross-spectrum of trees such as Mahogany, Emire, Wawa, Teak, Kokrodua, Royal palm, Bako, Cacia among others.

He said the forest plantations are at the All Nations University compound on the Akwadum road, Somanya, Mpraeso, Suhum, Osiem as well as in some forest reserves in the region to re-stock the reserves for commercial purposes. and to restore some sacred grooves and protect watersheds in the region.

Mr Adonteng appealed to those who will be using naked fires in their farms to make sure they put them off before leaving their farms to prevent bushfires as we approach the Harmattan season.

He appealed to individuals to on their own initiative plant at least two or three trees in any available space in and around their homes to serve as windbreaks against storms.

He appealed to road construction firms to help protect trees along roads.

Mr Wilson Owusu Asare, the Deputy Regional Manager said the legally mined areas in the region are often off forest reserved areas and that the Commission had been able to reclaim about 24 hectares of such lands.

He said the illegally mined areas are difficult to reclaim for planting because the topsoil cannot be located and brought back for planting.


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