Vodafone Healthline enthusiast saves life with cardiac arrest


Accra, Dec. 10, GNA
– Mr Sadat Adams Junior, An enthusiast of Healthline, Vodafone’s multiple
award-winning health programme, has saved the life of a “trotro” passenger who
experienced a sudden cardiac arrest, as they journeyed from Accra to Kasoa.

According to a
statement from Vodafone to the Ghana News Agency, Mr Adams while sharing his
experience on his twitter handle, “@Sadat Adams Jnr” said: “It all started when
we got to Lapaz and the young man started behaving strangely. He collapsed and
was motionless when we got to Kwashieman.

“I remembered an
episode of Healthline, where the doctor educated viewers about cardiac arrest
and how to revive someone in such condition. 
With my two hands clutched, I pressed his chest continuously whilst
giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, in order to revive the heart. He regained
consciousness and started coughing heavily.”

According to the
statement, Mr Adams commended Vodafone for the valuable health education it was
giving Ghanaians through its Healthline programme and implored the company to
continue with the life-saving initiative.

Mr Andre Tayo Jnr,
the Head of Brands at Vodafone Ghana said: “We are excited about the impact
Vodafone Healthline is making across the country.

We introduced this
life-changing programme as part of a commitment to show the world how a
purpose-led company should conduct itself.

“We believe that by
creating awareness about various diseases, disapproving the many myths
surrounding health, and offering life-saving surgeries, Ghanaians can live
healthy and better lives,” the statement said.

It explained that
Millions of Ghanaians, like Sadat, had become enthusiasts of the programme,
which was redefining television content in Ghana with its emotionally-gripping
medical stories and health information.



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