Kennedy Agyapong being watched by US for his past ‘bad deeds’ – Kevin Taylor


General News of Monday, 9 December 2019



Kevin TaylorKevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor has refuted claims by Member of Assin Central that he( Mr Agyapong) was detained for 5 hours, alleging that he was detained for well over 10 hours on not only his alleged involvement in the murder of journalist Ahmed Suale but his past life, which Kevin Taylor alleges is not good.

Mr Taylor revealed that Kennedy Agyapong had to rush back to Ghana after his detention and interrogation in Houston, Texas, USA, because he felt nervous that the United States authorities were investigating his past life.

“The interrogators asked him about his past life. Things that he has done, they know. Kennedy Agyapong is nervous because the American government is watching him now. Kennedy Agyapong is scared he knows that his past isn’t good. So when the interrogators asked him about his past, he was on the alert. He knows that people are watching him. That’s why he rushed back home (Ghana), and watered down the whole thing,” he said on his, show, Loud Silence.

Mr Agyapong confirmed his arrest, detention and interrogation in Houston, Texas, recently.

Journalist Ahmed Suale was murdered allegedly after Kennedy Agyapong showed his face on television and invited people to beat him up if they saw him around their neighbourhood.

Upon the cold-blooded murder of Mr Suale, family and friends have called for the prosecution of Mr Agyapong for his alleged involvement stemming from his revelation of the investigative journalist’s face on television.


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