This man saved GHC2,838 from January to December 2019 using susu boxes

General News of Thursday, 5 December 2019



Derrick Adjei-Djan was interviewed by blogger Naa Oyoo Quartey

Many of us grew up understanding the concept of saving towards a dream through the concept of susu boxes.

Susu is still very much alive today and one particular man followed through with his 2019 savings goals by saving GHC5 everyday in 2019.

Derrick was resilient in sticking by his savings goals using his Susu box and he recently tweeted the amount saved to the amazement and ‘envy’ of his followers.

I caught up with Derrick on Whatsapp on what inspired him on this savings journey which I am sure many may have started and faltered along the way. Bruh!

O.Q- What do you do & what got you started in your savings journey? What inspired you to make that decision?

Derrick: I am a mechanical engineer by profession but practicing health and safety and ISO quality management system( Lead auditor ) and also the Assistant-Manager Technical at Crocodile Matchets Ghana Limited. I started my Susu savings journey somewhere in 2018, there was this information circulating WhatsApp about how much you’ll make at the end of the year if you saved 5 cedis , 10 cedis and so on daily so I told myself I’ll try with the 5 cedis a day and the money will be called December Money !

O.Q – Is this your first time embarking on a susu savings initiative? Derrick: No I actually did the same in 2018 .. I think I have pics on my phone . made around 1200 cedis ! But that didn’t follow any pattern .. it will more like drop something when I have any change left.

2018 Susu box

O.Q – How were you able to stick to your savings goals?

Derrick: First of all I told myself saving in the house will be tempting ( i.e leaving the container home) because going through the year I realized I spent a lot during the weekends than the weekdays. So I told myself I’ll leave it in the office ( I have the small space that I lock up) and that will be the first thing I do every morning. When I put 20 cedis inside the container it means it’s covering 4 Days (because it’s 5 cedis a day) .. (People were surprised to see the 20s and a 50 cedi note ).

Derrick in his office with his susu boxes.

O.Q – Weren’t you ever tempted to break into the box?

Derrick: No. Actually I only opened it Because my third container got full and looking at the days left In the year, I didn’t want to get another one.

2019 Susu December Money

O.Q – What were you saving towards? Are you going to still get that thing you were saving for?

Derrick: Oh yeah .. I told myself that I’ll get a girlfriend by the end of the year and spoil her and my siblings ( 2 siblings ) Well jokes on me .. still single . So my siblings will get the majority and the rest to a few people I help here and there.

2019 Susu December Money.

O.Q – Any tips for someone who wants to also start their susu journey in 2020? Derrick: Yeah .. you need to have a reason for doing it ( what you are going to use the money for ) Next years is towards my rent … not because I can’t pay from my main account… it’s more like a support! Whatever I get .. I top up.

And no amount is too small ..

Keep the initiative to yourself. If a lot of people know about it they push you (pressurise) to open it … so I kept it to myself mostly. (SMART GUY!)

So for now anyone who wants December money … get your containers. 1st January 2020 we go. !!!!! Issa MOOOOOOOD !!!

Don’t you just wish you were in Derrick’s shoes? It’s not too late to start your Susu box for 2020. Now that the Cedi denominations have been increased, saving up is more critical than ever! Imagine your GHC200 note going missing

Derrick also owns a flower shop/garden which needs to be patronised by you! It’s located around Emefs estate on the Afienya Road, but delivery is available wherever you are !! Contact his business +233 27 192 8061

Congratulations to Derrick Adjei-Djan for sticking to his guns and inspiring all of us to get started on our savings journey in 2020. Let’s make a move!