Clergy calls for support in building inclusive society

Michael Owusu Duodu, GNA

Sefwi Debiso (WN/R)
Dec 3, GNA – Christians in the country have been called upon to practically
demonstrate the virtues of Christ and extend support to the needy to help build
an inclusive society.

Reverend Paul
Asante, the Debiso District Pastor of Church of Pentecost, made the call in an
interview with the Ghana News Agency at Sefwi Debiso, in the Bia West District
in the Western North Region.

According to
biblical narrative, Jesus Christ showed mercy, kindness, love, compassion and
care for all manner of people during His ministry on earth.

Drawing from that
standpoint, Rev Asante said, since  high
percentage of Ghanaians profess to be Christians, they ought to also
demonstrate those virtues to make the society a better place to live in.

He said people have
built mansions which are guarded by dogs and security persons, while sadly
enough, many vulnerable people slept on streets and in front of Shops in the
open under the mercy of the weather.

“Can’t we share a
little bit of our wealth with the poor and needy persons in our churches,
communities and the larger Ghanaian society,” he quizzed.

He therefore, urged
Ghanaians and Christians in particular, to be prepared to share what they have
with the poor and needy persons in the society, stressing that they should let
their prayers and gifts be remembered before the Lord God Almighty, in order to
receive His manifold blessings as individuals and as a nation.

He advise Christians
to emulate the shining example of Cornelius of Biblical days and be blessed so
as to be a blessing to society too.