I’ve had sex with several university students – Ampaw

General News of Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Source: classfmonline.com


Maurice Ampaw is a private legal practitionerplay videoMaurice Ampaw is a private legal practitioner

Controversial private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, has confessed to having had sexual relations with some female university students.

However, he said none of those students were either his students or from the same university where he lectured.

The founder of the Legal Advocacy Foundation explained that he found nothing wrong with sleeping with students from other universities, since, according to him, there was no motive to exchange grades for those sexual favors.

“I have given out examination marks freely to a lot of girls. The only thing I never did was sex-for-marks but as for sex, you can do it,” he stated.

“You can have sex with girls but not your students,” he stressed.

Explaining how he went about it, he noted: “What I did was simple: Let’s say if I lecture at Central University, it is a no-go area, but I engage in the act with girls from other universities”.

“Am I not human?” he queried, adding: “I was not the kind of lecturer who sleeps with my students in exchange for marks.”

Pressed further, he asked First Lady, host of ‘Time with the Stars’ show on which he appeared as a guest: “If we don’t sleep [with them], who will?”.

“As a lecturer, you may end up either dating or having problems but you must avoid your students,” he advised

Mr Ampaw further asserted that he no longer kept amorous relationships with university students after he retired from teaching about a decade ago.