Another ‘atopa’ tape of two Legon lecturers hits social media »

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The two known Legon lecturer caught in BBC’s documentary ‘Sex for Grades’ Prof. Gyampo and Dr. Butakor are set to be exposed in another ‘sex-tape’ which is set to be released soon.

According to a social media user, with the username @LeakzMy they have a sex-tape of the two lecturers and this comes after the two lecturers were cleared from any wrongdoing in the BBC documentary.

The user posted: “Hello Ghana, I have a surprise for you all. Before the surprise can someone please check if Dr. Bu and Prof. Gya are doing well, I don’t want any heat attack. I have a nice video here titled BuGya featuring two most popular Leg lecturers dropping soon…”.

See screenshot of the post and pictures below: