Angry Fameye Returns Awal’s ¢500, Asks Him To Delete His Verse From Their Collabo


Fameye and Awal are currently embroiled in a feud of their own over something they could have easily resolved.

Rapper Awal Mohammed featured Fameye on the new song, ‘Akuapem Poloo’ and when it was time for the video shoot, Fameye failed to show up despite pocketing a COOL ¢500 from Awal as transportation fare.

The former Talented Kidz finalist said at the initial stage Fameye and his management demanded an amount of ¢2000 before he would feature in the video but he (Awal) spoke with him to which they agreed for at least a token for transportation.

He through his manager sent Fameye an amount of ¢400 a day before the video shoot as transportation but Fameye called back to throw tantrums, asking why he would send a big brand like him that amount.

Awal consequently topped it up but strangely, Fameye failed to hold his part of the bargain. Awal then called out Fameye for his apparent disrespect and asked him to return his money.

Fameye has shot back with much venom,saying he has Awal’s money and wants him to delete his part in the song.




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