Michael Bloomberg to launch R1.4bn digital anti-Trump campaign in four US states


WASHINGTON – Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul who continues to weigh a run for the Democratic nomination for president, will launch a R1 470 735 000 ($100 million) online ad campaign targeting Republican President Donald Trump, an advisor confirmed.

Bloomberg has not said whether he will run for president, but has qualified as a candidate to appear on the primary ballots of two states. The moderate former mayor of New York City would have a tough fight to win the primary that began in earnest in the spring and has allowed possible rivals to campaign for months already.

The online advertisements Bloomberg is funding, which have not yet run but are slated to begin Friday, will target four states: Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The advertisements are slated to run through the primary season, regardless of whether Bloomberg decides to run for president, the aide confirmed. The details were first reported by The New York Times.

Those four states are considered some of the closest and most hotly contested in the primary contest. Trump won all four in 2016, but public opinion polls have shown that he is vulnerable there in the 2020 election when he will stand for reelection.

Bloomberg pumped millions of his own dollars in the 2018 midterm elections to help Democrats across the country.


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