Marijuana Affected Me; If Not For Wee, I Would Have Been One Of The Best Artistes In the World


Former Hiplife musician and now a Pastor, Lord Kenya has bared some of his regrets to the world. According to him, he would have become a better musician had it not been his addiction to marijuana.

He said;

I forget myself easily. I got to the studio and instead of doing the right thing, I’ll be shouting here and there, thinking that I am doing the right thing. Basically marijuana affected me in the way I reason. I would say things that I don’t even remember.

They think economically it makes sense because there is money there but we have to be careful. Because if it’s not regulated, people would take it anyhow,” he added.

Kenya advised that those people so much noise about how to there is a need to legalize marijuana in the country to be careful and not be blinded by the money that comes with it because it is not a good thing.



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