My Mother Died When I Was A Year Old; My father Too Refused To Accept The Pregnancy

Artiste manager, Ricky Nana Agyeman popularly known as Bullet has narrated his sad upbringing.

According to Bullet, life has been too tough and rough for him. On Hitz FM, he said,

My mother died when I was a year old. I never saw her photograph. My mum had me when she was a teenager. My father refused to accept the pregnancy. Even the doctor said she was not going to give birth to me. Fast forward, I had to go live with my father’s mother (who refused to accept me). I had to live with the aunt.”

On why he chose Bullet as his stage name, he said,

” I’ve been through a lot in life. That is why I always have “Rough” in everything that I do. I want to always remind myself of my rough beginnings. The name Bullet symbolizes how hard I am. People throw shots at me and I am still there. The name has always attracted positive things. “