Bullet narrates how her mother died when he was only one year old after his father rejected the pregnancy

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Despite the fact that Ricky Nana Agyemang Aka Bullet is regarded as one of the best artist managers in the country, little to none is known about his background.

For the first time, Bullet has given his fans an insight into his private life and how he grew up.

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According to Bullet, he only remembers his mother by her picture he was shown when he grew up.

The CEO of Rufftown Records explained that his mother died when he was just one year old. He died around just 12 months after he came into this world.

Considering the fact that his mother gave birth as a teenager, the doctors were surprised she could even carry the baby until he was born.

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To make it worse, his father had rejected his mother’s pregnancy so he didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

He was left to go and stay with his grandmother who also rejected him. He went on to leave with his auntie. All this was when he was just one year old.

“My mother died when I was a year old. I never saw her photograph. My mum had me when she was a teenager. My father refused to accept the pregnancy. Even the doctor said she was not going to give birth to me. “

“Fast forward, I had to go live with my father’s mother (who refused to accept me). I had to live with my aunt.”

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All this has made him a very strong person. It was what led him to choose the name Bullet to express how strong he is, Bullet told Andy Dosty.

The ‘Rough’ (Ruff) in all his businesses signifies his rough life as a child till he grew up to be who he is now

“I’ve been through a lot in life. That is why I always have “Rough” in everything that I do. I want to always remind myself of my rough beginnings.”

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“The name Bullet symbolizes how hard I am. People throw shots at me and I am still there. The name has always attracted positive things.”



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