‘My Ex- Wife Used JUJU On Me For Three Years’ – Possigee Reveals


Award-winning Ghanaian music producer, Possigee has revealed how his ex-wife used ‘juju’ (a love portion) on him using something he really loved, CHOCOLATE.

In a recent submission, Posigee indicated that as a staunch lover of chocolate, his ex-wife normally bought him a lot of chocolate whenever he visited adding that he suspected that’s what she put the love potion in.

During his submission, he said;

” I loved chocolate so anytime she visited she would get me chocolate. It never occurred to me till after the divorce”.

Possigee revealed this after one of the panel members on the show stated how his obsession with his wife led him to a pastor.

He stated that he loved his wife so much that when she was away for even a second, all he would do was think about her and call her just to hear her voice.

But, he indicated that at a point, he realized she had used a love potion after he visited a church and was “delivered”.

Possigee ended his submission revealing how his marriage lasted for just one and half month although she dated his ex-wife for three years.

Source: www.ghgossip.com



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