Developing leaders is the best way to accomplish a company’s vision – John Maxwell

Morkporkpor Anku, GNA

Accra, Oct. 17, GNA
– Mr John C. Maxwell, an American author, has said the best way to accomplish
the vision and grow an organization is to develop leaders.

He said the more
leaders an organization has and the better equipped they are to lead, the more
successful the organization.

Mr Maxwell was
speaking at the 2019 Live2Lead Leadership Conference from his base in the US
simulcast to more than 300 locations across over 30 countries.

The Live2Lead is a
conference designed to deliver the very best leadership content to inspire and
motivate leaders and their teams, help them connect with other influencers and
expand their business network with relationships that produce tangible results.

This year’s event is
being held under the theme: “Developing Leaders for Today and Tomorrow’. I will
say a little more about this later.”

Speaking from his
new book titled: “The Leaders Greatest Return”, Mr Maxwell said any leader who
wanted to take his or her game to the highest level today and build a legacy
for tomorrow needs to become a leader who develops other leaders.

He said many
competent leaders are able to lead followers, good leaders have the capacity to
lead other leaders, and great leaders could not only lead but also develop
other leaders.

“But it is only the
very best leaders, who are able to develop leaders, who themselves, in turn,
develop other leaders. This is where reproduction, transformation, and
compounding occur,” he said.

He said “in your job
as a leader, you need to identify, attract, understand, motivate, equip,
empower, position, mentor, reproduce and compound other Leaders.”

Mr Chris Hogan, a
National Best-Selling Author of Everyday Millionaire and Retire Inspired, said
every servant-leader needs to listen and help the team grow and improve on the
company’s operations.

He said
servant-leader encourages and increases trust from followers and also builds

Mr Samuel Ayim,
Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Transformational Leadership, Africa, said
the conference was to help train other leaders.

He said leadership
involves taking decisions for the future, and that is why “we all need to come
together as a people and leaders in the country’s decision making.”

Mr Ayim said as a
country “we also need a change of mindset in the leadership and governance
style. Our leaders, especially most of our political leaders think they are in
leadership position to serve themselves and their interest alone.”

“If any country will
develop it is based on its leaders and leadership,” he added.