Flights delayed, cancelled after huge protests at Barcelona airport

Barcelona – Dozens of flights at Barcelona’s airport were cancelled or delayed on Tuesday, as the fallout from massive protests over the sentencing of nine Catalan leaders continued to be felt.

At least 45 flights had to be completely scrapped on Tuesday, and many passengers had to spend the night at the airport after the Monday night protests led to many flight connections falling through.

The situation in Barcelona was otherwise fairly quiet on Tuesday morning, though train traffic was still partially affected.

Thousands of demonstrators had gathered at the airport in an attempt to block access roads and bring all operations to a standstill after Spain’s supreme court sentenced nine separatist leaders to at least nine years in prison over their roles in an independence referendum.

In protests at the airport and other parts of northern Spain, at least 70 people were injured and three activists were arrested, according to Spanish television reports. Clashes between police and protesters, with police using foam bullets, were also reported.