“I Don’t Need Juju, My Beauty Will Make My Man Stick To Me” – Nikki Samonas |


Beautiful Ghanaian actress Nikki Samonas, has revealed that never in her lifetime will she resort to charms for obvious reasons.

For Nikki Samonas, her natural beauty is enough charm for her man to stick to her forever.

The actress who doubles as a TV broadcaster indicated that she has heard about love charms being used by her colleagues but she has never tried it and have no idea how it works.

In an interview with Joy Prime’s MzGee on why she has never tried it, Nikki Samonas said ”What will I try it for? What God has done with me? I’m a yellow sisi, Obroni Melissa, Obroni local, Obroni foreign with a very nice skin. And I’m smart so what will I add love potion for?” she said in Twi.

Ms. Samonas added, “So bottom line is that, I’ve heard but I haven’t tried and I don’t think I’ll ever do so. I think I’ve been blessed enough by God with ultimate beauty, therefore, I don’t see the need to ride on charms to keep my man.”



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