Doha 2019: Ghanaian athletes forced to beg government for per diems


Sports News of Thursday, 10 October 2019



Ghana Women Relay Dohaplay videoGhana women’s relay team

Ghanaian Athletes who represented the country at the 2019 IAAF Athletics Championships in Doha, are demanding government release per diems owed them for two competitions.

Each athlete is entitled to $100 per day for both competitions which spans 17 days in total.

The women’s relay team members say they have not received a pesewa from the government for two competitions, the World Relays in Yokohama back in April and the world championships in Doha which ended last Sunday.

The quartet of Flings Owusu-Agyapong, Hor Halutie, Gemma Acheampong and Persis William Mensah have represented the country in three competitions so far in 2019 and only once, at the African Games in Rabat, have their per diems been paid.

Prior to all three competitions, the Ghana Athletics Federation was denied funding by the Ministry to camp the athletes for pre-competition training. Notwithstanding, they defied the odds by making it to the finals in Yokohama, which qualified them to the world championships.

The team also mustered a Season Best run in Doha, despite the challenging circumstances.

After waiting in vain for their money, the girls have now been forced to literally beg the ministry for their money.

A member of the team, Flings Owusu Agyapong took to twitter to solicit help from social media influencers to help bring the Ministry’s attention to their plight.

Before that, the girls told Citi Sports reporter, Fentuo Tahiru Fentuo in Doha, that paying per diems was the least the government could do to support their hard work.

Apart from the athletes, officials’ per diems haven’t been settled either, with each official entitled to $120 per day.


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