Prophet Emmanuel Badu Reacts To His Supposed Arrest Warrant By Interpol Over Stolen Car In Germany

In case you missed it, let’s remind you that just few days ago, the founder and leader of Glorious Wave Ministry, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi was accused of stealing car in Germany.

The man of God has reacted to the wild report, stating categorically that he has not been to Germany to buy a car.

According to Prophet Badu Kobi, some political officials are behind this report and that he is too big to steal a car.

He also further stated that he started purchasing cars at age 19 and will never tarnish his image by stealing a ‘common’ car.

“I know some of you have heard that Badu Kobi has stolen a car, I am too big to steal a car. I started buying cars at the age of 19 so it is never so. It is never true, I am higher than a car. I give out cars and that is not what I think about.

It is the political people who want to do that but let’s leave them. I am better than cars, in my little life I have given out cars and I walked. I have not stolen anybody’s car and I will never do that. I will never speak about this again, What is a car?

Greatness goes with pain but greatness brings the price. They can do everything but they can’t stop me. Interpol director in Ghana doesn’t know anything about this matter.

Let’s leave this, the God I serve is a God of judgement. You cannot stop Badu Kobi. By his grace, a car is a common thing to me. I have never gone to Germany to buy a car”.





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