Ghanaian Doctor Says Excessive Consumption Of ‘Koobi’ & ‘Momoni’ Can Cause Heart-Related Diseases

A Ghanaian cardiologist has cautioned the general public to against the high intake of ‘koobi’, a kind of salted tilapia that’s so popular in the Ghanaian kitchen.

Dr Abdul Sahmed Tanko further described foul-smelling fish known popularly as ‘momoni’ as dangerous for one’s health and thus, has to be taken in moderation.

He sounded this word of caution during the launch of World Heart Day in Accra, Head of Cardiology at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

He also warned the public against alcohol, smoking and excessively fatty foods. 

“We put so much salt in our foods which is not good for our health. Excessive intake of ‘koobi’ and ‘momoni’ can also cause heart-related diseases and I advise against it. We have to eat them in moderation,” he said.