I Won’t Do Door-to-Door To Explain Anything; As the Media Can Pick and Choose Which Stories To Focus On, Artistes Got Same Right Too

Rapper Sarkodie is in the news for not featuring in Obrafour’s Pae Mu ka Documentary. According to Obrafour, he had arranged with Sarkodie over and over but at the end of it all, Sarkodie failed to turn up for the Documentary shoot.

Sarkodie has been talking in a series of Tweets, He said,

Greatness is Greatness

Eerm so 2 team Sark, I know the feeling y’all go through when there’s something “negative” going on and I don’t comment .But please know, if it’s worth wasting energy 2 go back n forth i will. if there’s no need (normally there’s no truth),I won’t so if I don’t, y’all know

The media needs content ( *nothing wrong with that ) but as artiste, we also have the right to pick and choose what to feed into ( not by force ) . A lot of fights or negative frictions these days are never real , they are created mostly by what we read or see on social media

You gotto build yourself to a point to be able to read between the lines , right at this moment I’m giving out content lol but yeah for the fans sometimes you gotto bend your standards a Lil … Most things are never that serious till we make it ..

As the media can pick and choose which stories to focus on, artistes got same right too. Took me time to realise that most media houses don’t necessarily hate you but they just choose which stories they find interesting for their audience . Some de hate tho

In all, its all on this side … Believe it or not.There’s no way I will be doing door 2 door 2 explain how I feel so it will always remain the same ( you will lose people, gain more, some will hate , some will understand and some will never get you )That’s just he way it is

TEAMSARK you are the best … Can’t even keep up …me da mo ase pii

In all this, Sarkodie is launching this year’s Rapperholic Concert on Friday.




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