Becca and Kiki Banson Had Sexual Affairs On Countless Occasions When Kiki Banson Was Managing Her; Both of Them Can’t Deny This

Artiste manager, Bulldog has disclosed that artiste manager, Kiki Banso had sexual affairs with musician Becca on several occasions when Kiki Banson was managing her under EKB Records.

Bulldog who was reacting to the question of whether it is appropriate for Artiste Managers and their signees to engage in sexual pleasure on UTV, he said

“If you want to manage a female artiste successfully, you have to be in a relationship; an emotional relationship and a sexual relationship with the artiste.”

Bulldog insisted that musicians like Becca and former manager, Kiki Banson are good examples of people who have had sexual affairs on countless occasions and there is no way the two can refute.

Bulldog also disclosed on the show that it takes him less than two weeks to chop a new lady he meets,

He said,

“Sorry I don’t mean to disrespect women but you know women are easily convinced, petty things make them fall for you. Let me tell you, I can only be patient for two weeks, you will go down, I will conquer you fast”.