Africa Green Revolution Forum Conference held in Accra

Business News of Thursday, 12 September 2019

Source: Charles Ntiamoah-Mensah


Dr. Thomas Mensah and Mustpha Cisse

The Founder of Silicon Valley of Ghana,Fiber Optics Inventor and Nanotechnology Expert was on the Panel with Google Director of AI at the Agricultural Green Revolution Forum held at the National Conference Center in Accra. The two experts discussed innovation in digitization in Agriculture.

Dr. Thomas Mensah discussed innovation focused on digitization in Agriculture. He showed Drone application that can look at a herd of Cows from the Sky and be able to identify which cows are about to give birth so that Vetenarians can attend to them. According to Dr. Mensah Infra Red imaging can measure the temperature of the herd of cows and the pregnant ones that are about to deliver baby cows have temperatures 10 degrees lower than all the cows.

Mr Mustpha Cisse discussed how Google is working on Technology to identify cows with disease using Artificial Intelligence. He also discussed how a plant with disease can be identified using Google AI Technology.

The two scientists discussed drone applications in Agriculture whereby drones can identify individual plant crops, before making decision when to irrigate the farm, when to apply pesticide and fertilizer.

Dr. Thomas Mensah showed a smart watch that can be integrated into the digitization process to aid the farmer manage his farm.

The AGRF was founded by Kofi Annan, with its Chairman Strive Masylwa , Founder of Echonet, and Former President Obasanjo of Nigeria presiding over the Awards Program. The President of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo congratulated the Award Winners at the Dinner Gala for the Conference held at Kimpinski as part of the one week conference.

The incoming president AGRA HE Hailemariam Desalegh was also introduced during the conference. Dr. Mensah was glad to meet Strive Masilwa who he has known for quiet sometime. He also presented his book “Right Stuff Comes in black too” to former President Obasanjo of Nigeria who had requested a copy.