Movement for Agroecology to enhance food systems launched


By Samira Larbie, GNA

Accra, Sept. 11, GNA – The Centre for
Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development (CIKOD) has launched the
‘National Movement for Agroecology’ to enhance sustainable food systems in the

Agroecology is a farming system that works
in harmony with nature, using cultivation techniques and breeding programmes
that do not rely on chemical fertilizers, pesticides or artificial genetic

The launch, which was held in Accra in
partnership with the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG), seeks to
consolidate the efforts and gains that have been realised so far by farmers.

The event, which was held under the theme:
“Agroecology for Good Food”, is to encourage farmers to build on traditional
agricultural practices using research, technology and existing indigenous
knowledge that ensures total control of all aspects of food production.

Mr Bernard Guri, Executive Director of
CIKOD, said the Movement brings together everyone in the agricultural sector to
promote proper practices.

He said what the Movement seeks to fight
against is the industrialisation of agriculture which involves the use of
chemicals which was not helping but rather generating sicknesses.  

He said many of the sicknesses discovered in
the country today are related to the food production system, hence the need to
promote agroecology for a healthy food production in the country.

Mr Guri said agroecology was about who had
the power, politics and controls the seeds as well as what goes into the soil
and as such the movement seeks to face policy makers in ensuring that they
provide what farmers need.

Ms Victoria Adongo, the Executive Director,
of PFAG, urged farmers to appreciate the concept of agroecology and look at how
they could scientifically modify the old farming practices for healthy food

She said it is important for farmers to
diversify agroecology as farming is periodical to generate income through other
means which are not directly linked to farming.

“This is the only way small farmers can
survive in this current circumstances,” she said.

Mr Wise C. Letsa, a Principal Dietician at
the Trust Hospital, commended CIKOD and PFAG for the Movement adding that
agroecological farming could double food production within 10 years, while
mitigating climate change and alleviate poverty.

He said this would make available nutritious
food and urged farmers as well as stakeholders to embrace the technology so
that people could have and eat healthy food. 

Mr Letsa also advised people to always wash
their fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption to get rid of
chemicals that might have settled on the surface.

Dr John Jatoe, Lecturer University of Ghana,
said agroecology is environmentally friendly as it has the tendency to restore
the ecosystems, harness food systems to fight climate change and create an
opportunity to have healthier lives.

Mr Tontie Binado, Action Aid Programme
Manager, said food and agricultural systems is at a crossroad in the country
and re-introducing agroecology would enhance food production in a sustainable

He said agroecology was laudable as its
practice would ensure soil conservation, sustainable water management,
agro-biodiversity preservation, livelihood diversification market access,
strengthening farmer’s organisation among others.

Civil Society Organisation as well as
stakeholders commended CIKOD and PFAG for the movement and pledged their
support in ensuring that people have access to clean and healthy food.

Representatives of the Movement were
officially sworn into office as well as unveiling a framework to guide their



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