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5 ways anxiety is killing your relationship and you may not even be aware of it!

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Given the daily stress that most people face, it’s not surprising to find them suffering from frequent bouts of anxiety. It can keep a person awake at night, make him worry about an uncertain future and tear him apart. While the person with anxiety might suffer in silence, what he might not be aware of is that his anxiety might be affecting his relationships as well. Let’s look at how anxiety can kill a person’s relationship with a loved one.

Being detached or over dependant

Anxiety can make a person feel so overwhelmed that he or she might develop the tendency to be over dependant on a partner or grow detached from a loved one. And this cannot be good for the health of the relationship, right?

Lack of sexual intimacy

Anxiety can also affect the sex life of the partners. When you are gripped by anxiety or a panic attack it’s not possible to enjoy the pleasurable moments of life. It can be the biggest distraction in the life of a couple.

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Anxiety can lower a person’s confidence

It is often observed that people suffering from anxiety feel self-conscious. Anxiety can make them doubt their own capabilities and such people often suffer from low confidence.

Anxiety can make you take rash decisions

People suffering from anxiety have the tendency to think and act irrationally. During such moments, a person might take rash decisions which might be harmful to himself as well as the relationship.

Hampers communication

The overwhelming feeling of anxiety can often hamper a person from expressing himself properly. Since communication plays a major role in making a relationship successful, the inability to express coherently can affect the bond between the two partners.


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