‘It’s satanic, painful and barbaric’ – Nigerian traders decry xenophobic attacks

General News of Thursday, 5 September 2019

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


Nigerian traders at the Tiptoe lane expressed their views on the recent xenophobic attacks

Nigerian nationals have suffered the biggest hit in the recent wave of xenophobic attacks that have swept through some South African cities like Johannesburg and Kwazulu-Natal.

The attacks which have seen some 7 confirmed deaths and loss of businesses and properties worth millions of dollars has created a diplomatic row between the two countries.

The row spiked following retaliation from Nigerians who also attacked some South African owned businesses such as MTN and Shoprite across the country.

Speaking to Ghanaweb Thursday morning, some Nigerian traders at the Tiptoe Lane in Accra described the attacks on their countrymen as satanic, barbaric and shameful.

One of the traders who stated that he does not see anything wrong with countries demanding the expulsion of foreigners for taking away employment opportunities from its citizens bemoaned the means adopted by the South Africans; Which is attacking foreigners and their businesses resulting in deaths.

“If you don’t want foreigners in your country why not deport them, instead of killing them, killing people like that is barbaric. Am a Nigerian in Ghana and if the government of Ghana decide to say they don’t want Nigerians in Ghana, they want to deport us who will resist deportation?” He asked.

He described the act of profferring attacks on foreigners instead of using legal and diplomatic means in handling the situation as “satanic” since foreigners do not use coercive means in setting up their business.

Another Nigerian businessman condemned the attacks and said the retaliation by Nigerians on South African businesses in Nigeria “is not the best way”

Others, however, felt the retaliatory attacks were justified. “I think South Africans they are getting upset for nothing…….Revenge, that one it be sure because if you touch our brother we too we go touch your brother.” A trader said.

Another trader who also justified the retaliation said, “The way they are doing it there we have to attack them there because most of the people killed there are Nigerians. If we don’t stop it, it will keep happening.”