‘My Girlfriend Aborted Our Pregnancy Against My Wish; What Should I Do?’

A young handsome guy living in the USA has sought help from relationship counsellor ‎Barbie Nubi‎ about an issue which is bothering him.

Confiding in Barbie Nubi, the young guy indicated that he is very confused as to what to do at the moment after his lovely girlfriend did something against his wish.

He stated that his soon-to-be wife aborted their pregnancy even when he asked her not to. According to him, he now very confused as to what to do and as such he is asking for advice.

Here is his message;

“Greetings Admin Barbie, Please hide my identity. I was dating this girl and when I came to Ghana I met my parents with her and her parents too. So when I was returning to the State I went for her list since it was time for me to return and planned to return to Ghana and marry her finally and file for her to join me in the State. When I came back to the State, the lady told me she is pregnant and I ask her to keep the baby because we are already in the marriage process and I am in a good position to take care of her and the baby. But she did not listen to me and aborted the baby with reasons that we can have more children when we marry.
TIA members advise me.”

Source: www.ghgossip.com