Watch: If I Decide To Compile A List Of Best DJs In Ghana, DJ Black Will Be At Number 700

Patapaa is still hurt that Dj Black did not include him in his top 50 rappers in Ghana and has come to take a chunk of his flesh for the apparent dnub and disrespect.

In an interview session after his Album launch, he said,

“I saw this list from DJ Black and it’s a disrespect to me, If I’m to do a list of the Best DJ’s in Ghana, DJ Black will be the Number 700 on my list of DJs”

He continued,

“Nobody knows DJ Black, i’m even popular than him. DJ Black sits on JOY FM and doesn’t do any serious DJing. What has DJ Black ever brought that has trended? Even his mixes don’t trend but my Skopatumana term is trending everywhere”

Here is the Video;