My positivity has made me immune to cyber bullying

Television Presenter and Movie Actress, Efia Odo is among those within the Creative Arts Industry whose work and visibility have been greatly boosted by her use and interaction on social media.

However, it hasn’t all been pleasant since she has come under intense scrutiny especially for her sense of fashion.

She has on numerous occasions been on the receiving end of insults and abuse from cyberbullies.

For the first time the American raised Television Presenter has spoken about the bullying and victimization on social media and how she manages to stay above all the negativity.

“I am a positive person and I don’t allow anything negative to come around me so the backlash I get on social media I don’t see it. I have turned a blind eye to it. It didn’t just happen it has taken some time, I had to get used to it and know myself. When you know yourself as an individual there is nothing an outsider could say that could even touch you.

“Anything negative is not me and what your thoughts of me are has nothing to do with me, it is who you are and how you think.I have come to understand who I am my values and my qualities. It’s the job of the people who write our stories to highlight the positive things we do. We need to change the stories being written about the people in the industry” she revealed to Nana Adwoa Sarkodie of Citi News on the sidelines of the Masterclass event.



Nana Adwoa Sarkodie