Nigeria: Helicopters Were Supplying Us Arms – Bandit


Katsina — A suspected bandit arrested and paraded by the police in Katsina yesterday told newsmen how helicopters used to supply arms to them at the Dinya forest in Kankara Local Government Area of the state.

Aliu Musa, 20, said: “When I was small, one Fulani man took me to Dinya village around Kankara for herding of his cows. Afterwards, he told me to be accompanying him to ransack shops and houses for booties. As they ransacked shops, we stole animals in homes during attacks.

“To be honest with you, helicopters will throw down ropes and my oga, Surajo, will stand and the planes will be dropping guns and Surajo will be untying the guns”

“The plane is white with propellers. To God, I don’t know; but I saw guns being dropped which are more than 20 at Dinya. This used to happen in day time. I never thought we could be arrested until now.”

He added: “We normally arrived places on motorcycles with each carrying three persons and at least ten bikes during any attack, With even spare bikes that will carry the stolen food items and other needs.

“I have been in this business for over four months, we operate in groups and our last action was the kidnap of a woman that my oga requested for N17m ransom. Oga Surajo is in Dinya presently.

“Living in the forest is that of survival as there are several groups with different interests, sometimes leading to fights between bandits’ groups. There was once a cross fire between the groups, I counted 10 and 15 corpses afterwards.

“We used double barrel guns, AK 47 and pistols for operations. There are houses and huts that we live in.”


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