WATCH How This Young Lady Reacted After Her Boyfriend Pranked Her With A Dummy

If a lady loves a guy, she would go all out in order to protect the guy from other ladies. She doesn’t mind doing the unthinkable just to protect the guy.

Well, we have sighted a very hilarious video of a young guy and his lovely girlfriend. The video has really caused a lot of debate on social media.

The guy pranked his girlfriend by setting up a dummy to make it look like he had another woman in the house. The girlfriend’s reaction when she walked in will have you watching the video multiple times.

The guy dressed the dummy like a lady and he awaited the arrival of his girlfriend. He then lay back on a chair and waited until he heard her footsteps.

As he heard her coming, he stood and got close to the dummy, touching it, as though he were fondling a woman.

The lady in a funny reaction approached the guy and the “side chick”, jumping them in one swift, athletic move. As she did, she raised her feet and kicked the dummy’s head.

Watch how he did it here: