Shatta Wale To Bow Out Of The Scene In Less Than 5-Months

Dancehall King, Shatta Wale is set to bow out of the music gracefully in less than five months from now. We guess your mind is wondering in a confused circus as to why we are saying that.

Well back in 2016, Shatta Wale told Delay that he’ll retire in the year 2020 because he has almost achieved his objective in the music industry.

Shatta Wale said:

“People feel Shatta will fall pretty soon and that’s a lie. I keep telling my manager that I need to retire by 2020. With all the controversies, I want people to realize this guy (Shatta) has a future”.

According to the African Dancehall King, he neither a squander nor a gloat.

“The predecessors didn’t educate the youth well. I don’t brag but whenever I get money, I save a lot. I make sure I look for the right things for my career. Gone are the days when artiste sits on TV and brag about things they don’t have. That’s why I put my name on every car I have. I am taking advantage of what I have now and my fame”, he retorted.

Well, 2020 is just around the corner so the ultimate question is, would he retire as he promised all he blurted out those words in the ‘heat of the moment?’

Only time will tell.