Taxi driver narrates how he slept with female corpses for a year

General News of Sunday, 18 August 2019



Corpse Taggedplay videoThe Taxi driver currently married to two women with six children

A former local morgue attendant has narrated how he slept with corpses in the mortuary for a year.

The driver who requested to remain anonymous, confessed in an interview with Ghanaweb, that he slept with some female corpses to satisfy his sexual desires.

According to the Taxi driver, he lost his virginity at age 24 to a dead woman who was freshly brought to the morgue.

Despite having no regrets about his insane actions, he emphasized that the predicament is a tradition among most mortuary attendants who engage in it to overcome their fears.

“I began working at the morgue at the age of 24 years, bathing dead bodies during the night shift. I was dating during that time of my life, but I haven’t had any sexual intercourse yet,” he said.

He added, “A very beautiful young lady was pronounced dead at the hospital and brought to the morgue, upon seeing the beads around her waist endowed with huge buttocks aroused my feelings and made me sleep with her lifeless body. I worked at the morgue for a year and it was after I quit to become a trotro mate”.

Speaking with confidence, the driver who is currently married to two women with six children says he enjoyed being a Necrophilia because he gets vitality anytime he beds a female corpse.

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