Nigeria: ‘Tours2china Will Promote Nigeria-China International Flights’

The Chief Executive Officer, 1860 Travels, Mr. Francis Daodu has said Tours2china will promote in-bound and out-bound international flights between Nigeria and China.

Tours2china is a new brand which offers a group of five Nigerians who are willing to travel together at the same time, an easy opportunity to get group visa which affords them opportunity to tour various cities in China and do business in China at the same time.

This was initiated by both a Chinese travel agency, Bravo International Travel Tours and an indigenous travel agency, 1860 Travels.

Daodu, who spoke to newsmen recently in Lagos, noted that the exchange of culture between Nigeria and China is a must-happen through the platform, thereby aiding development in all facets.

“We are going to be experiencing both out-bound and in-bound flights, so it is not just going to be Nigerians going to China. This brand has created platform for Chinese to visit Africa generally and Nigerian specifically.

“There is no partnership that leaves out his people. What this is going to achieve is the exchange of culture. This is the best of cultural exchange between China and Nigeria.

“During the Yuletide period, we will be expecting quite a lot of Chinese to visit Nigeria” Daodu said.

The CEO, however, noted that a refundable fee of $5,000 will be charged in order to prevent absconding.

“You have to deposit a sum of N5,000 dollars. It will be returned a week after return.

“We don’t want this platform to abruptly come to an end when travelers begin to abscond.

“It is expected that this will be a legitimate means for those who wants to travel to China for leisure or personal business.

“This brand has put together a package for those who wants to travel to China for personal reasons. For any travel tourist anywhere in the world, your intention is to go see, explore and exploit. And then, rake in all the benefits you can rake while still in that country,” the CEO said.

Speaking on the security of the travelers, Daodu said that It is pretty safe and pretty secure, coupled with the knowledge of the time rate in China compared with other climes.

He assured of top security, saying “we have an already waiting team as soon as you arrive at the airport and then, you are ushered into a waiting vehicle that takes you to your hotel.”