READ Kwesi Arthur’s Funny Reaction When He Saw A Pencil Portrait Of Himself


Ghanaian rapper, Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior, widely known by his stage name as Kwesi Arthur, has comically reacted to a portrait of him made by fan.

The BET nominee was obviously not impressed by the drawing and pleaded for forgiveness from the one who drew the picture; in other words if it’s his wrongdoing that formed the bases for the weird drawing then he’s offering his sincerest apologies.

This happened after a twitter follower with the handle @ KofiDeuces_ posted the drawing stating it was a special gift his friend did for him.

Kwesi Arthur responded:

“S3 ma y3 wo b)ne bi a, faky3 me wai ” to wit, “forgive if I have offended you in anyway.”



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