Namibia: SA Pro-Cannabis Activists to Visit Namibia

SOUTH Africa’s prominent pro-cannabis legalisation activists, also known as the ‘Dagga couple’, will be in Namibia during September for a public lecture.

Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke will be joined by ‘Dagga Party’ leader Gareth Prince on their Namibian tour, where they will give a public lecture in Windhoek on 14 September, Cannabis and Hemp Association of Namibia’s Angela Prusa told The Namibian recently.

“The couple, alongside Prince, are well-known South African cannabis activists who played a huge role in South Africa with regards to cannabis legalisation,” Prusa said.

Prince, who leads a political party which fought for the legalisation of cannabis, was at the forefront of a landmark case that led to the legalisation of dagga in South Africa.

Stobbs and Myrtle were arrested in 2010 for possession and dealing in illegal substances, but instead sued the government.

South Africa’s constitutional court had in a landmark judgement last year declared the private use and cultivation of dagga legal.

The constitutional court also ruled that officers are no longer allowed to arrest adults in private spaces for using or growing dagga for their own use as it infringes on the right to privacy, all thanks to the persistent efforts of the ‘Dagga couple’.

The public lecture will cover issues such as the medicinal, recreational and environmental use of cannabis, and the laws governing such use. It will seek to provide a platform for dagga legalisation activists to provide more information and education to the attendees.

“We intend to provide more information and education for the public so that we can break down stigma and propaganda as best as we can to show people what is possible with this plant,” Prusa said.