Cameroon: Health Care Delivery – Strategic for Betters Services

The agreement reached between HGOPED and HGOPY will go a long way to improve on health care delivery.

The Gynaeco-Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital Douala (HGOPED) has signed a partnership agreement with the Gynaeco Obstetric Pediatric Hospital Yaounde (HGOPY) for better services and improved health care delivery. The partnership agreement that was signed in Douala on August 9, 2019 gave an occasion for the Directors of both institutions to share notes and exchange ideas on how to improve on their services for better health care delivery. Created some four years ago, the Gynaeco- Obstetric Pediatric Hospital Douala has registered great success in health care delivery to mother and children. But then the hospital also provided health care to different categories of people. According to the Director General of Gynaeco-Obstetric and Pediatric Hospital Douala, Professor Mboudou Emile Télesphore, away from providing health care to mother and children, they are equally in charge of training of medical personnel and research. He said the partnership will go a long way to enable both institutions train their staff. Prof. Mboudou Emile Télesphore disclosed that they will be able to manage their human, material and financial resources and it will enable patients to benefit from their expertise. On his part the Director General of the Gynaeco-Obstetric Pediatric Hospital Yaounde, Professor Fru Angwafo III, sees the partnership as a means to rationalize resources and bring out the best from what they have. Despite the geographical position he added that both institutions have the same mission and vision which was necessary for them to sign a convention on how to improve on health care delivery for mother and children. He added that the partnership will also put in place strategies to improve on the welfare of workers within both institutions which will go a long way to improve effectiveness at work. Professor Fru Angwafo III appreciated the Chinese partners who were around to appreciate the services rendered. Thanks to the Sino-Cameroon relationship, he went on, both hospitals have been benefiting from expertise from China. During the guided tour, partners got first hand information on the services rendered and some of their challenges.