Cuban government pardons over 2,600 inmates

Miguel Diaz-Canel - Cuba

The Cuban Government has granted pardon to 2,604 inmates, a government release said on Friday.

The pardon took effect on account of the behaviour of the jailed, the expired date of their terms, as well as the nature of the cases for which they were punished.

Other factors included age and chronic diseases, especially among women, the young and the elderly.

Those pardoned have met at least one third of the criteria.

The pardon did not cover those convicted of murder, rape, robbery with violence, corruption of minors and drug trafficking.

Economic crimes involving corruption, cattle slaughter and theft of, for instance, fuel were also excluded.

Hit by a grave economic crisis and decades old U.S. trade embargo, the government is resolved to fight against economic crimes.

According to the official statement, the Cuban Council of State headed by President Miguel Diaz-Canel ordered the pardon.

The pardon was in keeping with the new constitution, which favours social reintegration of persons deprived of liberty.

As a country which has ratified 44 of the 61 international human rights instruments, Cuba has pardoned thousands of inmates in the past decade.

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