Meet Leslie Quaynor; the Owner of Fantasy Entertainment & Fantasy Dome Who Made the Beyonce ft. Shatta Wale Move Possible

Guess you’ve heard about the Beyonce ft. Shatta Wale collaboration right? Yes, there is one man who was the plug; the one who made the move possible, and we need to throw some shine on him too.

The man right here is Leslie Quaynor ; the Chief Executive Officer of Fantasy Entertainment , He was the one behind Rick Ross Live in Ghana as well.

Beyonce’s Agent contacted this man first, and he could have decided to give the gig to other Artistes in Ghana, but he decided to let Shatta Wale have it.

Leslie Quaynor then told Mark Okraku-Mantey about this collaboration since both of them are two great friends in the Entertainment Industry; and so the first two people who knew about this move are Leslie Quaynor and Mark Okraku-Mantey .

Leslie Quaynor then communicated this great move to Shatta Wale and his management, and here we are now. Well done, Leslie.


Fantasy Entertainment is noted for big budget gigs in Ghana. It is the only event company that has consistently organized such international concerts for the past 6 years- at least two major international concerts each year. 

From night club set-up and management, corporate product launches, major exhibitions, award ceremonies, fashion shows, we are dedicated to every detail of our executions with the highest quality creating memorable moments through creative planning and execution.

Leslie Quaynor established the Fantasy Dome too; Ghana Biggest Entertainment Venue that we all know today.

Big ups to Leslie, correct gatekeeper. Please do it for other musicians as well.

Here is how Shatta Wale reacted to the news;



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