Being gay as natural as skin colour – LGBT advocate

General News of Thursday, 27 June 2019



Gay People In Zimbabwe Face Widespread StigmaFile Photo: According to Alex Donkor being gay is natural and innate

An LGBT advocate Alex Donkor has said gay had no choice in their homosexuality, arguing that it is as natural as being heterosexual.

Speaking on the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) on Class 91.3FM on Monday, 24 June 2019, Mr Donkor told show host Benjamin Akakpo, after a listener had sent a message into the show likening homosexuality to kleptomania, that: “Growing up, I have always felt this feeling and it is because I’m in a society where I’ told that it is wrong, it is wrong, it is wrong, so, I had the opportunity to research about it and find out why it’s so, and by researching about it I found out a homosexual is a male who is sexually, romantically and physically attracted to a person of the same sex.

“The same way a heterosexual is physically, romantically attracted to the opposite sex.”

Mr Donkor also explained that likening homosexuality to kleptomania was unfortunate and that people who are gay did not choose to be gay but rather, it is natural and innate.

“I’m not sure anybody chose this for themselves and, so, I, sitting here, never chose that for myself and so for someone to associate my sexuality to kleptomania is just unfortunate but this is me and it is as natural as heterosexual.

“I’m sorry but there’s nothing wrong with being homosexual because it’s a natural feeling and it is innate. This is me and it is as natural as a heterosexual. There’s no way I can change the colour of my skin. Telling me to change my sexual orientation is like telling me to probably go and bleach my skin or something which is impossible. It is a part of me and it is natural and it is innate.”

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