I Will Not Act Again Until Missing Takoradi Girls Are Found |

In a bid to mount pressure on the Police to rescue the missing Takoradi girls, actor/comedian, Clemento Suarez has vowed to stop acting until they are found.

Clemento said this whilst promoting his latest play “Adam In Court”  on Entertainment Review on Peace FM on Saturday, June 22 2019.

“I have decided not to act again after tonight’s play, Adam In Court because of the kidnapped Takoradi girls. After tonight’s play, that will be it. I will not feature in any play or movie until they are found,” he told host, Akwasi Aboakye.

Explaining why he had taken such a decision, he added that he cannot stand to make people laugh whilst others are grieving for their missing family members.

“I make people laugh alright but what about the families having sleepless nights because of their loved ones who have been kidnapped. The situation has to be attended to with serious attention” he added.

According to him, even though he understands that it might affect him financially, he is still willing to go that extent to help rescue the girls.

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