Patapaa Adds His Voice To The Ongoing Feud Between Strongman, Medikal

Patapaa has said suggested in a new tweet that he relishes the chance of being a rapper so he could also join the beef bandwagon if any of his colleagues steps on his toes.

Dude is fascinated and impressed by how people can’t get themselves over the trending beef and blame himself for not being a rapper, else he would have dropped his own wicked verse to silence any of the feuding parties-probably!

He tweeted:

If I Start Rapping , Some People Will Keep Quiet In This Country !!! Wait For It 🔥🔥🔥 #Pa2PaSojas#SureBet.

So Patapaa thinks because we have reluctantly assimilated him into our music industry despite his deficiencies in the craft, he has grown wings huh?


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