Lady Weeps Openly On The Streets For A Husband – VIDEO |

Pressures from family and associates of ladies who have come of age but still not married can sometimes push such persons into doing the unthinkable out of frustration.

That is the situation of an unidentified lady who stormed town parked her car, came out started wailing indicating that she is fed up of being used and dumped by men who are refusing to ask for her hand in marriage.

In a video that has gone viral on various social media platforms, she is heard cursing herself for not being married and wished she is dead.

“I must die…Am I the only one men hate to use and dump?” she asked.

But Lady Reverend Dr. Charlotte Oduro has diagnosed the reason why most ladies in the country who have come of age but are still spinsters and should have been married by now.

According to the vociferous relationship expert, many of them prefer to pursue money instead of love reason no man is prepared to walk down the aisle with them.


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