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8 things a girl wants her boyfriend to do but never admits!

  1. What women want

“I don’t know what she wants!” This perhaps is one of the most common dilemmas that a man in love suffers from. In fact, so many movies have proved this point. Take ‘The Notebook’ for instance, Noah wrote hundreds of letters to his love Allie, confessing his feelings but never had an inkling of what she felt for him. And the recent Bollywood movie ‘Manmarziyaan’ makes it even more confusing—the protagonist Ruby wanted her boyfriend to approach her parents and ask for her hand in marriage. And finally, when he does that she realizes that she is in love with someone else! Yes, love is difficult. Everyone has some high and unrealistic expectations from their partner, and girls are no different. Let’s find out what a woman might expect from her partner but never admits.

  1. To take her side, always

She might not always be right but she would expect her partner to take her side always. However, this is not something that would be out in the open, loud and clear. Unrealistic as it might sound but aren’t partners supposed to have each other’s back?

  1. Don’t judge, please

Yes, a woman might be talking about dieting while enjoying her calorie-laden milkshake. She might never have enough clothes to wear despite a full closet of attires. She might laugh and cry at the same time; act brave while being scared to hell. No matter how she might be but the last thing she wants her boyfriend to do is to judge her. She wants him to accept her the way she is.

  1. Surprises are always welcome

There is something special about surprises. Everyone, including a man as well, is excited about surprises. Sadly, a surprise is no longer a surprise, if a person has to ask for it. No wonder, a girl would never ask her boyfriend to surprise her with sweet nothings but that does not mean she is not expecting it. Do you need more hints?

  1. A promise is a promise

It might be as simple as sending her a good night message but once you make a promise, she would want you to keep it. She might not raise a hue and cry if you break your promise but nothing can make her happier than a man of words!

  1. Take initiatives when required
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A modern woman never hesitates from taking charge of any situation but there are occasions when she would want her man to hold the reigns. For example, when the time is right she would expect her man to do the ‘marriage’ talk with her parents.

  1. Space

It’s all about balance—being protective is good but being over-protective can work against your favor. Same is the case with being possessive because possessiveness can be romantic when it does not get on her nerves. A man should know to balance his act and know when to give her space without being told.

  1. Give her the much-needed reality check

When a girl asks her boyfriend, “Am I looking fat in this dress?” he should tread the road ahead carefully. Being brutally honest can land you in trouble and lying can be dangerous when she learns the truth from someone else. And this is just one example. What a girl expects but never admits is that her guy should be honest without being brutal.

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