SA needs honest leaders of the calibre of the late Mendi Msimang, says Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa further added that the late ANC stalwart’s only need was to break the shackles of the oppressed and to feed, house and comfort those who had nothing. He called on fellow ANC leaders to emulate the values of Msimang.

“As our people have realised, and as our movement has acknowledged, there are those among us who seek positions of authority not to serve the public good, but to advance private interests.

“There are those who are prepared to undermine the institutions of our young democracy, to subvert the rule of law and to steal from the people to enrich themselves,” Ramaphosa lamented.

He went on to say that Msimang’s only need was to forge unity where there was division, to bring calm where there was chaos, and to promote understanding where there was intolerance.

The President posited that although members of Msimang’s generation may have exited the political stage, the principles they fought for, the values they lived by and the means by which they sought their objectives still found resonance at this moment in history.

“Today, as we mourn the passing of one of the great leaders of that generation, it would be a mistake to relegate them to history.

“It is at precisely this moment that we need leaders, cadres, public servants and business people of the calibre of Mendi Msimang.”

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